Darksparkle – video clip

I really enjoy artist collaborations. They end up so much more than the sum of their parts.

A friend and filmmaker, David Bugeja of Catmari Productions, was inspired to create a video clip for my recently recorded poem Darksparkle.

To be honest, it makes my reading sound a bit shabby! But I adore what he’s done here.



  1. I started the video really impressed by the visuals and then expecting a shabby reading to begin, as advertised 😉
    Then, to my surprise, the reading started and it worked really well with the visuals – not shabby at all! Few of us enjoy hearing out own voices, so trust others that you sound good 🙂

  2. Hey Claire,
    Just stumbled across your blog whilst googling ovomaltine and coming accidentally across Fran’s blog post about Ovo – oh the small world of the internet! This is beautiful and your voice is definitely not shabby – the music sets your poem off beautifully – I do love the piano too
    Hope all well,
    Naomi xx (in Zürich)

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