Lost summer

Never been so sad to smell the blossoms of spring and I ache as the blue-white light of morning gapes across the sky stretching, yawning, already weary and soft-boiled eggshell cracked thinking of long hot days to come, the fatigue of grass that steam of green in the stalks and the buzz the singing, ringing […]

Wired silence

  I’m wired for sound reading books from a supplier named for the rainforest we’re destroying, a queasy joke like enjoy the silence   these days I read mostly e-books (same supplier, same quease) and my music is stored elsewhere, while shelves sit full of dusting jewel cases, oh! that sounds more precious than MP3s […]

Snowclouds in April

  A lifetime in one day clouds toss the sun about and the wind bats the sail how oppressed you feel   As a ribbon stretches across my page shiversilver in afternoon light shafting through tinted glass of tramstop topwindow and the whole patchwork years unfurl in a breezy meadow like a picnic blanket or […]

2019 goals – writing and otherwise

It was with some trepidation that I looked back on my “writing goals for 2018” post this week to see if I’d achieved what I set out to. I somehow remembered that I’d been too ambitious and I really hate and fear failure. But I was pleasantly surprised to see I’d known from the start […]

Band names

Matchbox Scrubland Out of the Tree The Hab Spaß In the Dark Unicorn of the Apocalypse Year Nine Suitcases Lollipop Bears Umbrella Mustard First to be Free The Undoing The Wealthy Pink Meridian Googlefathers Make pay while the sun shines The Take Aways Lazy Nachmittag Prunetoast Missing Skin He’s right, you could go on forever…. […]

Writing goals 2018 and a question, dear readers…

  Welcome to 2018! I’ve found it was useful to talk about writing goals at various points in the past so this is my housekeeping/ looking forward/ looking back blog for the year. Partly for my own reference but I’ve also got a question for you guys! Housekeeping: I was really pleased to finish #26Cantons52weeks […]

#26Cantons52Weeks: Bern

  Canton: Bern Destination: Wilderswil Special guests: An informal writing group on retreat Interesting thing: In Bern you’ll find Jungfraujoch, which is the highest railway station in Europe (3,454 m above sea level)   It’s the one you’ve been waiting for! I promised to write up Bern months ago but, I’ll be honest, I was waiting […]