MFO Park and Oerliker Park

Here’s some pics of the two parks I mentioned in my  previous post: MFO Park (the “High Line on dope”) and Oerliker Park (Stoke Newington on Crack). It wasn’t a blue-sky day but I think it still looks pretty awesome. Feel pretty lucky to have this cool shit on my doorstep.

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A bit more about the area, thanks for asking! 🙂

The two parks pictured above, MFO Park and Oerliker Park, are in Neu Oerlkion, a former industrial area in the northern Zurich suburb of Oerlikon that’s been developed as a living / working / playing / leisure space in recent years. This Wikipedia Oerlikon entry and this page explain it nicely.

Neu Oerlikon is literally on the other side of the tracks to where I’m living in Oerlikon – a 15-20 minute walk that involves crossing to the other side of Oerlikon station. I guess the futuristic architecture around there is to do with its industrial roots and the fact that it’s all being built new and on a fairly large scale, it would seem!

The  “blue blinds” building is all apartments that overlook Oerliker Park. The “steel sky” and Bombadier buildings are businesses I think. Centre 11 is a pretty ordinary shopping centre with a big Coop (one of the main supermarkets here) including a huge DIY (or in German: BAU-hobby) section. I snapped the industrial lift because it looked slightly out of place there – it is kinda too cool for the rather daggy surrounds!

I should do some photos of the older bits of Zurich around Neiderdorf too eh? The street/area I’m living in is on a bit more of a “human scale” – there’s the 1908-built church across the road, my 1930s apartment block – but is not quite so photogenic 😉


  1. Not being familiar with the international references, can you explain a little about the purpose of these spaces? Are you right in town, near a uni (you mentioned students) out in the burbs? Why does it have that multi level structure? Why do they love scaffold look cubes everywhere, even in lifts?

    It really looks like the future. I like it. We’d love to visit.

    1. Thanks for your questions, you make a good point! I have added some more info to the post about the area and the parks, with a few links as well (use Google translate if they come up in German!). Thanks for reading. And yes, please come visit!!! 🙂 xxx

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