Appenzell #26Cantons52Weeks

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Canton: Appenzell Innerrhoden / Appenzell Ausserrhoden

Destination: Hoher Kasten “The Top of Appenzell”

Crazy thing: The canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden was the last jurisdiction in Europe to grant women the vote – in 1991. Yes, that is only 26 years ago. What the… ?


We visited the Appenzell yesterday. I say “The Appenzell” because there’s actually two “half-cantons” that make up Appenzellerland in tourist terms – Appenzell Innerrhoden and Appenzell Ausserrhoden (the split happened back in 1525 due to religion: Catholic / Protestant). Well, I’m going to claim both since we drove through Inner and Ausser before catching a cable car to the “Top of Appenzell”, where we had views over the two half-cantons and beyond — all the way to Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein and France (on a clear day).

We picked a rather windy Sunday for our trip, which meant a slightly hairy gondola ride up to Hoher Kasten for lunch at the revolving restaurant. The cable car had actually been closed due to high winds the previous day so we weren’t even sure if we’d get up there! Luckily it was running and there wasn’t too much rocking and rolling except right at the end as we ascended up the almost sheer rockface to the cable car station.

It was a rather grey winter’s day so we visibility wasn’t the best ever, but we could see all the way to Lake Constance and various other vistas. Added bonus was that, due to the inclement weather, it wasn’t at all crowded and we had a prime window-seat for our meal in the revolving restaurant – which was super-cool (the food wasn’t half bad either).

On the way home we stopped at a farm vending machine for some apfelsaft and raclette cheese. I am fascinated by these things.

Farm vending machine at St Gallenkapel

Farm vending machine at St Gallenkapel

Short entry this time – not much more to say, really!


  1. Nice day trip! If you plan on going back to Appenzell there is cheese factory that is open to the public (we missed the official tour but could still watch them making cheese) with the coolest outdoor playground – have you ever climbed a cheese wheel?

    When you visit Aargau I will take you to our local Hofladen walk-in vending machine, you’ll be so impressed!

  2. I love your 26 cantons mission. I’ll have to try and complete it as well. Fun goal. We went to Urnäsch in Ausserhoden for the cow parade in September. Gorgeous area. And I love those farm vending machines. Eggs and sausages coming out of a vending machine. Love it!

  3. The views must be stunning on a clear day!
    I love the local hofladens – something that wouldn´t be possible in the Czech Republic I suppose 😦

  4. Looks fun even though the weather wasn’t perfect. You’ll have to go back in summer to see it in all its glory. We did a great hike from the top all the way down.

  5. Appenzell is great! We went up one of the mountains there and people were hang gliding off! We also went to the cheese factory but they just had a regular shop, no vending machines.

  6. Sorry for the bad weather! Fondue in a vending machine? Thats new! In japan they sell all kind of stuff in a vending machine. The worse has to be dancing women…

      1. I forgot to mention we bought our room at a “love hotel” from a vending machine in Japan aswell. Thanks for the link I will take a look.

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