Motherf*cking February

Photo: Marco Ceschi via

Photo: Marco Ceschi via

A little something for everyone this week. Here’s a short spoken-word piece


Every mother looks tired today

Or perhaps it’s the harsh light of Monday

As she sat with a baby in a sling

With the sun on her face

I could see the exhaustion

of the night before

And I also saw

Those dedicated mums meeting their friends

In cafes for lunch

Trying not to be in the way

Trying to get their two year olds to eat something

It’s not even much fun

But better than not having gone

What a mess they make

And I think maybe I’ll just get a job

And outsource all my childcare from now on

Every mother looks tired today

Motherfucking February


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  1. Inference can be a such a subjective inheritance, its easy for me worry about those things I draw from your words, are you okay? Are your comments reflections of the sometimes excruciating patina of parenting? If it is, is concern required, or do we allow ourselves to simply experience the raw and realistic colour of your palette,

    1. Hi David, thanks for checking in. I’m OK. More just seeing everyone who’s kid-wrangling looking exhausted at the end of winter, including the mum in the mirror! X

      1. Oh great – no I haven’t picked it up – will go check – bit excited you have a great voice and way of speaking poetry – have been away so just catching up with reading again 🦋🦋

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