rain like february


it came in the night

driving and thick

a vertical virtual

wall of precipi…


wind rumples

through the eves

crunkling the cardboard

taped to my ceiling


from the last time

my spiders watch

from the opposite corner

of the room

their spindly legs

like stripped

upside down


dehumidifier hums

on 80%


still feel damp

the rains are here again




Photo by Anna Atkins on Unsplash

The first half of March

So… I wrote this cool poem and I wanted to record it. But only the first half came out right. Anyway – so you, dear readers, get the full thing and those who listen only get half. But please listen anyway, because it sounds just how I want!




I’m just trying to know things

trying so hard

like, is February always difficult

and March always sad?

or is it just this year

and has something gone bad

cos I hope

it’s just my brain

come to trick me again

and maybe the dark

is always

just a lack

of light


I wait

in shadows, hoping

for something

to come out right



WordPress link (for the first half only) https://soundcloud.com/user-808707280/half-of-march

Motherf*cking February

Photo: Marco Ceschi via https://unsplash.com/@spantax

Photo: Marco Ceschi via https://unsplash.com/@spantax

A little something for everyone this week. Here’s a short spoken-word piece


Every mother looks tired today

Or perhaps it’s the harsh light of Monday

As she sat with a baby in a sling

With the sun on her face

I could see the exhaustion

of the night before

And I also saw

Those dedicated mums meeting their friends

In cafes for lunch

Trying not to be in the way

Trying to get their two year olds to eat something

It’s not even much fun

But better than not having gone

What a mess they make

And I think maybe I’ll just get a job

And outsource all my childcare from now on

Every mother looks tired today

Motherfucking February


Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/user-808707280/motherfcking-february