The first half of March

So… I wrote this cool poem and I wanted to record it. But only the first half came out right. Anyway – so you, dear readers, get the full thing and those who listen only get half. But please listen anyway, because it sounds just how I want!




I’m just trying to know things

trying so hard

like, is February always difficult

and March always sad?

or is it just this year

and has something gone bad

cos I hope

it’s just my brain

come to trick me again

and maybe the dark

is always

just a lack

of light


I wait

in shadows, hoping

for something

to come out right



WordPress link (for the first half only)


  1. I love the way it ended with a question, it keeps the reader wondering, thinking. But I like the whole piece too. Lovely voice for spoken word poems. Well done!

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