Month: March 2023

Caged light


caged sunlight

I was desperate

for another start

to bleed through

and renew

my contract with life

lizards flick

at the corners

of my vision

not quite snakes

but shedding something

a tail, a skin, a bad memory

an addiction, and

the crows call my name

when I pass

beneath the trees

another day forced awake

to meet desires

shucked off

like shoes

like socks

like trauma

like the stumps of his fingers

which set off a gleam of


wanting to remove

one digit

trim the top-third

of my ring finger

maybe I was crazier


than I ever knew

bleed out


don’t forget


move through

weird-warm pockets of air

on the headland

is it

enlightenment, also?


industrial abandon

missing my trips to the city

and how

the abandoned cokeworks

rotting away

by the train tracks

sent my thoughts

to that place

where things were so different

a secret world

I want to write about


in an industrial


how can I capture this imagined


I don’t have those skills

or patience

scrolling in my bed

past my headache

reading about runner’s face

and Nick Cave

and grief

and grace


Photo by Darla Hueske on Unsplash