industrial abandon

missing my trips to the city

and how

the abandoned cokeworks

rotting away

by the train tracks

sent my thoughts

to that place

where things were so different

a secret world

I want to write about


in an industrial


how can I capture this imagined


I don’t have those skills

or patience

scrolling in my bed

past my headache

reading about runner’s face

and Nick Cave

and grief

and grace


Photo by Darla Hueske on Unsplash 


How many Poängs

How many days’-worth of 1-day Acuvue. Decades… Centuries?

How many Normal, with wings

How many Nokia dumphones. Gathering dust in that drawer.

Throw them all away


The Thermomixes of today will one day rest alongside the juicers of yesteryear

The coffee machines. And all those mountains of coffee pods

Don’t feel superior: take-away coffee cups as well.

Our parents’ fondue sets (still in use in Switzerland!)

Our torn Slip’ n Slides


One million, two thousand and twenty-eight discarded games of Hungry, Hungry Hippos

Ab Circle pros, Thighmasters and exercise bikes

Posca pens, tin soldiers, rusty matchbox cars

They all nestle together in the earth somewhere

Leaching their toxins into the sad and dirty ground


Cabbage Patch Kids, unrescued by Tree Change

Enough bubble wrap to cover the Empire State Building. And The Gherkin, And the Eiffel Tower. And the Sydney Opera House. And the Taj Mahal. With leftovers.

All the milk bottles that carried products from cows whose babies we aren’t

Shower gel

Orangutan-displacing palm-oil laced peanut butter


Electric toothbrushes, battery-operated mascara, torches.

Cans of Diet Coke, Coke Light, Coke-we’re-not-Monsanto-we-just-make-fizzy-diabetes-in-a-can-please-keep-buying


I’m no Lorax

But who does speak for the trees?