Month: January 2019



in a bottle or pooled

in the sink


wet eyes

drink the sight

of vast lakes and

muddy puddles

curl of an ocean wave

jaunty froth

a spill of lace

jabot at the throat of a Victorian gent

dried red creek bed

and electric green ferns

tiny glints

water winks

guarded carefully by leaves of sword

fishtank in a bar

with a shark

there’s protests

unheeded, pouring wine

into bodies

getting tanked

watching creatures swim

become one with fluid

gasp for more

return to primal states

float in ultraviolet bubbles

while lodged in our collective hippocampi are

ancient memories

of drinking air for the very first time


The Fundamentals

Today snow light

Lit television-blue emerging

Rising sun struggles awake

Wake up tired

Sleepy in the morning

Dawning, a latent creating

Writing these words

Letters on the page

Notes that bridge

Spanning and expanding

Stretching the mind

Thoughts get recorded

Posterity is fog

Misty but still

Quietly sifting through

Beyond. Pushing

Shoving. It’s a job

Work towards

Journey / the destination



So this is a new poetic form I just invented (maybe?! please tell me if it already exists!) where each new line starts with a synonym of the word at the end of the previous line. We will call it a Claireform poem 🙂 

Photo: I got arty with my camera and a cough drop (not mine!) this morning.


Boy blue


Like a triangle of stained glass

No, a diamond in blue

curl of censer smoke

caresses air bubbles


trapped in stasis

imperfections to some


looking through the lens

tears and beer froth

framed in lines of black

lions and jackals claw


don’t trouble

a split of smile

twist of glee, the cackle

and the pain of it all

days many and so few

deep into something new

remember? I remember you

my little boy blue



Photo: Yu Siang Teo on Unsplash



Rubik’s path


It twists as you step it

have to swap as you go

when you look back where you came from

the way is closed

in this sense unique

some people don’t like

unlockable, blockchain reaction

when familiar is sweet

so now you’re sticky-stuck

and toffee-glued

in sugary metaphors

— are grammatical confections

bad for your health?

don’t wait too long

for the penny to drop

the other shoe to

drop the pressure

somebody’s gonna…

never gonna



photo: by Claire Doble