Month: October 2022

rain like february


it came in the night

driving and thick

a vertical virtual

wall of precipi…


wind rumples

through the eves

crunkling the cardboard

taped to my ceiling


from the last time

my spiders watch

from the opposite corner

of the room

their spindly legs

like stripped

upside down


dehumidifier hums

on 80%


still feel damp

the rains are here again




Photo by Anna Atkins on Unsplash

kim gordon

he asked

what supplements I was taking

don’t believe in them

I said


omega, magnesium, muti-B, C, zinc

we talked about

kim gordon, the prodigy,

nine inch nails, I

didn’t admit

I’d deliberately listened

to phil collins

that day

although it

arguably says

more about my health

-or otherwise

than a handful of

encapsulated vitamins

and whether

I’m a nose breather

at night


I remember when you lied

about how you knew me

said we were old friends

from school

but we’d only just met


introduced by him

when he moved in

had nothing in common


I liked cars

and you had one

we hadn’t come


but driven in

that was my lie

so now we’re even


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Photo by Christina Langford-Miller on Unsplash

So pretty / spider city

I live in spider city

land of grey webs

spindly legs

and glitter

moving delicately

staking territory

gossamer strands


invisible lands

my octo-eyes


the corners

of my fortress

don’t look up or

disturb me

tick, tick, tock

taking stock

my demesne

well-lit or gloomy

silvery womb

my children


near invisible


white walls


silken skyscrapers

and exquisite

sprung floors


Photo: Unsplash