Lady Friends and Thespians


Six? and counting… I’m slowly meeting new people here!

I am struggling a bit this week to get everything done. It’s my last week with mum & dad here so I want to spend time with them, but there’s all the other stuff too – work, housework, German homework, dropping off and picking up P, planning meals, doing day trips. And HI is away in China so it’s all feeling a bit hectic! Plus the weather’s come up all lovely and I just want to be outside riding my bike, really! But bike riding’s a rather solitary endeavour…  And I’d still love to make some friends. 

So last night I had a late-breaking mum date. Got a text saying there was a spare ticket to see two English-language plays being put on by the Zurich Comedy Club and would I like to go along? Yes please. The plays themselves were fine – both quite gentle, especially the second one, A Candle On The Table, about old ladies entering a retirement home, which had a very sweet ending. It was more the company. I knew I was missing having “friends” but I don’t think I realised quite how much I have missed just sitting around with a bunch of women my age and in similar situation (married, kids, living in Zurich) and chatting away. Gosh it was nice. 

English-language plays are put on by this company about every six months at the Theatre im Seefeld. When we were over here earlier in the year doing our Zurich recce we stayed right across the road from this Theatre so it was good to see a production there. Also who knew you’d be able to see English-language plays in central Zurich? Apparently they’ve been doing it since 1954 though! 

Speaking of friendships – budding or established – I’ve also spent too much time this week reading this Renegade Mothering blog that I just discovered. It’s great. I hope I can be as interesting and sassy as this woman in my writing (in my own way). The current (at time of writing) blog on her no-BSND friendship manifesto is way-cool. So, as well as being really chuffed to have just upped my potential friend quota in Zurich by 4x in one night, I’m also thinking about all my old scalies scattered across the globe and feeling immensely grateful that they’re all so excellent. And also: please email me more often because I miss you and I’m lonely. Ha


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