Zurück in Zürich


Back in Zürich. 30 weeks pregnant. The flight wasn’t too bad considering, and no one asked for any Doctor’s notes or anything but I’m definitely grounded now for the time being. P was so well behaved. I’m starting to feel like I was an idiot not to just stop at one child. How could another boy compare?

Weird arriving back. The apartment seemed like a blank space half-filled with some of our stuff (Did we used to have more furniture?) It’s familiar but it doesn’t really look, smell or feel like “home”.

It seems like a reasonable time to start panicking about giving birth. I’ve been blocking a lot of stuff out while on holiday. And that was nice. Unfortunately I think I have to face some reality checks now.

To be honest, it doesn’t feel like there’s much here for me in Zuri going forward – no job, no family, few friends, that damn language barrier etc. But I have to stick it out for the time being and try to “make the most of it” whatever the fuck that means. So far today, that involves grocery shopping, buying antacid and going through the bills. Woo! This should take me about half a day. Then there’s just the rest of my life to fill.

It’s definitely Autumn here. The leaves are falling from the trees and it’s dark from 5pm – 7am. I guess it’s time to start thinking about Christmas…

I will write some more interesting, longer entries soon. I’ve got a few thoughts on Australia – Sydney, Perth etc. to cover. And hopefully some more positive emotions about Switzerland will emerge too. We’re going to try to buy a car so that should be all sorts of fun and games. For now, just saying I’m back: Hello.


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