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Cat image: Daria Nepriakhina via



My little paws take flight

Skitter over the websites

Like a cat that stepped in honey

Was I trying to be funny?

Tacky, messy, inconsistent

Praise, rage, happy, malcontent

No matter how you scrub

Those words stick in the slub

Staining the online Eden

But then, who’s even reading?



      1. You’re right, though. It’s kind of crazy. We “like” and we “comment” and we will never be able to remember where we have been over the years, and what we said. I try to either be nice or shut up. Sometimes, in FB Mommy groups I mentally write “get a life” or “attention seeking much?” and then I move on.

  1. This is a perfect visual.

    Timehop and fb’s “On This Day” feature allow us to keep track of our original content, but our comments really can just get away from us. Definitely something to think about.

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