Like Summer

Spring arrives

warm and


like new love-

the excitement


like the way I felt

about Newtown

in the 90s

that fizz of desire

almost-anxious butterfly fire

Spring arrives

like lust,

like an ardent paramour

Spring writhes and



like Summer


  1. I lived in Newtown in the 90s! Perhaps we passed on the street?? I SO know what you mean using that image :))) Thanks for giving me a flashback, G (in Byron Bay now)

  2. What a lovely poem of spring
    Perhaps I should try to do a thing
    But I am really bad with words
    I sound like a bad old records
    Nobody wants to listen to
    But I will try to do this for you
    I love your poem of spring
    It makes me want to dance and sing!

    I hope you like it!😘

  3. I don´t know anything about Newtown in the 90s, but the “the excitement inside” that´s exactly what I love about spring!

  4. Beautiful! You’ve captured the essence of spring so well… that’s how I feel about the season too, spring gives me a belly-flip like finding a new love!

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