My professional competencies

Easily stretch to jargon

And going forward

I’m glad you reached out

There’s some latency

In the system

We’re aiming to exploit the synergies

In 104-word sentences like:

In turn, this should translate into, on the one hand, increased value of the physical assets which are being developed or redeveloped – measured as actual increase of house/office prices and rents and of investment in the area – and, on the other hand, into increased competitiveness and inclusiveness of the area, measured as an increase in the number of people willing to move in and visit, in the duration of their permanence, but also, not less importantly, in their diversity (including in terms of economic background and educational levels) and in the number and performances of high-value businesses and service providers located in the area.

Best, warm, kind, sincere regards

Claire Doble


      1. Seriously!😀😥 I feel the same. I’m wondering why this time it feels like this so soon…but its heartening to know I’m not alone struggling.😀

  1. Surely, at the end of the day, actionable items will be easy to identify and capitalize upon. Offline, of course.


  2. Hi Claire, I love this, do you mind if I share on LinkedIn? Brilliantly encapsulates some of the company dross I have contributed to over the years! ThanksHeather

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