Dirty pictures

pornography of weapons

on the page

what they inflict

see the blade?

curve of trigger

barrel’s deep plunge

sphere of grenade

imagine the blood

a tank

a wank

a way to outflank


fire in the belly

a hole


fabric of life


covet these


of war

don’t touch


where is

mother love


woman’s touch

in such



Photo by Vladimir Palyanov on Unsplash


  1. Powerful. Great opening line: “Pornography of weapons”. The pornography of violence is not nearly as ridiculed as they pornography of nudity when the latter can cause much more physical damage. Fantastic thoughts and words here.

    1. Thankyou. This poem was inspired by looking at my kids’ Star Wars books – there are pages of lovingly crafted weapons shown there – and this is a book for kids! Something so wrong when it’s ok to look at instruments of death but not the instruments of life!!

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