The Wood Between Worlds

View from my window at EMA house - where Zurich's two rivers join

Do you remember the Wood Between Worlds that appeared in the somewhat odd prequel to The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe? It was a place of limbo, not good, not bad but somehow terrifying in its lassitude-inducing neutrality. A place to pass through that one could end up being stuck in if not careful. I’ve always tried to move forward but there’s been a lot of uncertainty in the past year or so since this Swiss move was mooted. 

Being caught between two worlds and waiting for decisions to be made, most of which have been out of my hands, is enervating – something well captured in TWBW (The book is called The Magician’s Nephew by the way). But now I am in the final stages – staying in a serviced apartment in Kreis 6, perched high above the spot where Zurich’s two rivers, the Limmat and the Sihl, converge. The imagery is apt, of course.

This week I will finally make a loud and definite splashdown into the pond marked “Zurich”, moving into a proper apartment and commencing a real, full-blooded life in this city. I can’t wait.

That said, I hope I haven’t been riding the uncertainty so long that I’ve got used to the enforced laziness and non-commitment of TWBW halfway point.


I wrote that yesterday and today I jumped into a strange new puddle – the Swiss nursery that P will attend three days a week from now. Until I was there, I don’t think I’d quite realised the magnitude of the change we’re imposing on him. I know he’ll be OK but it’s kind of heartbreaking to see him unable to communicate with other kids and being only half understood by the one adult there who speaks English. On the plus side, she dresses like a sort of 80s heavy-metal girlfriend reinterpreted for 2014, which I can only thoroughly approve of.

Oh well… only time will tell.  I’ve just heard our stuff is arriving from the UK tomorrow so I guess this is it.  So, in conclusion to this stage of my life, let me paraphrase Dr Seuss’s Oh The Places You’ll Go (one of P’s favourites):

The Waiting Place is a most useless place... It’s time to escape all that waiting and staying — to find the bright places where Boom Bands are playing. 

Boom Boom.

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