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When women quietly tell

how they were raped

or that thing he did

without permission

“I froze

I fought

And I just lay there in case

he did something worse…”

She was drunk when she told me

but she wasn’t back then

even if she was

it shouldn’t have happened

I went home and I cried

when she told me, quietly

that haunted look in her blue eyes


made sense

And I wanted to mother her

more than ever


we had more wine

and I did nothing much

just sat there listening in case

she said something worse…

I went home and I cried

holding her story inside

hoping pain could be cured

even slightly

by being spoken and heard


  1. Hey Claire,

    I can’t really describe the effect that poem had on me. It leaves me with an overwhelming sadness. A powerful little poem

    Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few months, love to all,

    Cath, xxx

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Thanks Cath. It still makes me sad to this day – amazing how long-reaching the repercussions of sexual violence can be. It’s a heavy burden even for someone who only hears the story. Is it any wonder why women (and men) are careful who they tell about these things? That is not to say that I’m not honoured and willing to listen.

  2. You’re a wonderful friend, Claire. Do you feel powerless because you feel there is nothing you can do? I think be being there and listening you’re doing a lot.

    1. I don’t know that I feel powerless exactly – against the perpetrators of these crimes perhaps. It mostly just makes me extremely sad. And angry if I think about it too much. I guess we all do what we can for our friends.

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