Notes on a suspected suicide

Photo: Greg Ortega @

I am an arrogant twit

But I know that woman was in a bad place

I knew

and I stepped back

Because I didn’t want to be drawn into… something


Or cruelty

I guess we’ll never know

But she’s gone now and I could have-


I am an arrogant twit.


(*I since found out she had a heart condition but that doesn’t make it any better or worse)


  1. I want to say something profound about missed opportunities but I can’t think of anything other than this rather glib formulation – don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s never easy to gauge how bleak things are for others. Brave writing – got me thinking about similar things in my life…. .

    1. Thank you. The reaper has swung close-but-not-too close a few times lately. It’s hard to know how to process these nearby-tragedies. As someone said “there is no sense, only life”

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