Photo: https://unsplash.com/@laura_geror

It’s urgent for me

Is it urgent for you?

Yes, good

Let’s go

Hold my hand

I won’t let you fall

step lightly on gossamer threads of dreams / our heaviness bags down the quicksilver / distractions greying out clarity / into fat bottoms of despair and swooping rebounds / hope, brilliance, the creative urge / urgency / only to snap!

That is all


I’m running a day late with my GloPoWriMo now… argh! Day 19’s prompt was to write a poem that recounts a creation myth. This is a slanted take on it based on a dream I had this morning (lame!) where a woman in a creative meeting asked me if my writing work was urgent, to which I replied, yes. She nodded in agreement: for me too. Go! Go! Go! 


    1. I find urgency can bring positive energy and outcomes. But can also turn a bit sour and stressful. I wish you all of the former! 🙂

  1. Not lame, leaping, running, panting, stumbling
    Even in your sleep
    Processing formulating cogitating agitating
    Even as you weep
    You free dive into words shallow and deep
    Even between the sheets you peep
    U ain’t just talkin the walk
    Doubt is making you want to balk
    Find a verb
    Kick it to the curb
    You’re doing fine
    Working the word mine

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