Photo by Michael (Mikey) on Unsplash

Duterte, Trump, May, Putin…

feels like the bullies

are winning the day

they put out

dirty plays

get away with it all

the rhetoric says

counter hate with love

but I’m not sure it’s working,


the best advice: just believe in yourself!

but aren’t these leaders

the epitome of that?

if the meek shall inherit the earth

when will that be

I’m busy Tuesday… but otherwise

I’m free?


  1. About the ‘counter hate with love’ thing. I saw something beautiful that someone else said about it. I now can’t find it and I’m not going to explain it as well as they did, but I’m going to try.

    What they said was something about how love doesn’t have to mean silence and acceptance, that love can be strong and powerful. It made me hate the statement less because standing up and speaking out can be a form of love. Protecting people is love. Refusing to sit quietly and watch is love.

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