she’s got an itchy… cee

wants to steal

your pitches




and pee

oh, she notices

your faults and smirks

she lurks

in corners

where you thought

you’d be unseen

picking your nose

or worse

and worst

dirty secrets

she’ll unearth

for everyone

to see

but then

she laughs

holds out a hand

come dance

on podiums

such glee!


rebel sister

burn life down

with me


Pic: Aeon Flux (snatched from


  1. I would love a (martini fulled, ha!) conversation about this one. I love it, and I love her, but I hate it and her too. I’m not good with dates and thus I (incorrectly) wondered about the intersection with IWD but there is something niggling me there. Why does the former behaviour happen, why do we fall into that nonsense ugly (and I feel imposed) trap? And how true can it be when the latter behaviour is equally true? There is something bigger to me than individuals, even though I have no idea if you meant it as such.
    (Also, I should read you more often.)

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