Dive deep, dark sparkle

serrated frilled

never fulfilled

that feeling


when I

tin-can my mind

cut-through is zero

once again


in the wings

afraid to fall

or execute

a lame pirouette

gavotte, garotte

ambition on the cross

of hope

frowned brow

while others float

like eagles so


if I could just gather those

gossamer strings

add kohl to rims

electro-beat heart

ever elusive

a fat black moth

rectangular, irregular

air-float of a burnt thing

swooping black kite


in plain sight

like beauty marks

or scars

scratches, catches, caked in corners

of eyes

the soul

on a Tuesday

oh, where have you been

underground queen

dancing away

to industrial tapes

and screaming blue Jezebel

while anyone can see

she’s a skinny succubus

or merely

a sketch of one

who wished she was


Soundcloud recording: https://soundcloud.com/clairevetica/darksparkle


Photo: Eliška Motisová on Unsplash

The start of something?


I lit a little fire

Planted a small seed

maybe one will warm my heart

the other hunger feed


I’m being rather quiet

It’s not a lot like me

Trying to protect the spark, the soil

I guess that we shall see…


It’s hard getting nothing back

Sometimes you have to wait

and perhaps I’m even learning

about blooms that happen late


Autumn’s fallen, a time to reap

But I’ve just sown my bed

So I’ll have to lie in it awhile

see what’s up ahead


It’s easy enough to begin

‘specially when you start small

And ending’s a fine thing

But to continue… right now: that’s all