I clip the coupons

shop the bargains

steel myself

for the feel

of cheap shoes

that sweat up my feet

cheat and lie

that it’s working

I’m saving

the planet?

ha ha

steal some time

from myself

spend some time

on myself





new year, new you?

what about

me, me me!

never keep

the receipts


Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/user-808707280/sale

Kate Tempest


Saw her last night
she only had a mike
instruments lost

Didn’t stop her flight
of words
raining down

She said we’re all sick cos
we’re ignoring the plight
of so many we might
help. In fact

we cause

the wars

with our claws

for oil and spoils and reality shows
where real-life’s paused

And you know what?
She’s right


I was blown away by last night’s Kate Tempest show in Zurich. I didn’t take any photos so instead I’ve used a pic of hundreds of cacti at Zurich’s Sukkulenten Sammlung, which I also visited yesterday. Disclaimer: while this poem is obviously a homage done “in the style of” Kate Tempest, last night was the first time I’d seen her spoken word stuff live or otherwise. The live performance took things to a whole new level, of course. And, while I would say my poetry style is often not dissimilar to this, I very much hope my own style is still my own!