The Earth / His Purpleness

The earth is sad / Standing in the purple rain

Oceans are dying / I love you more than I did when you were mine

A bleached-white Barrier Reef / Colour me taken aback

Fracking for those last drops of oil / Let’s go crazy

Slaves mine phone components / It’s hard for me to say what’s right when all I wanna do is wrong

An island of plastic bags in the sea / Would you run to me if somebody hurt you, even if that somebody was me?

Burning fossil fuels to light our lives / Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999

Disappearing whales, gorillas, tigers, bees… / Believe it or not, I started to worry

Waters rising, refugees drowning / The times

And we fight about gay marriage / Can’t we just let love decide?

Global leaders do next to nothing  / I’d rather be the pope

We could drop the coal, the nuclear. Use wind and solar / Overcast days never turned me on

Things have got to change. Faster / You’ve got the horn so why don’t you blow it?

Maybe it’s too late / Maybe I’m just like my mother – she’s never satisfied

We’ve only got this one planet / Nothing compares 2 U


Today’s National/Global Poetry Writing Month prompt/challenge was to write a poem for Earth Day but I wanted to acknowledge the death of the great musician Prince, whose music has been around as long as I remember, and is an artist Himself and I really bonded over (among others). So I’ve done a cleave poem – a poem in two halves which can be read as two separate but totally different poems, while read together they form a third poem.


      1. Well, the cleave was written as a pile up of things not related to Napowrimo prompts. Maybe there will be a fitting prompt in the coming days. If not, it will remain in the closet until the day it decides to come out 🙂 For Earth Day I have chosen a speech style…

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