Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Skirt


1. The only decent thing you own. Can be appropriate for almost any occasion

2. A uniform. A way to disappear

3. Coveted. Searched for high and low. Discovered. Too expensive. Maybe next month

4. Too short. She was asking for it

5. Jean Paul Gaultier – skirts for men – catwalk excitement

6. Heat. A dragon’s breath-waft of warm air trapped in a dark cave of material

7. An ocean at night that froths and surges around my legs as I walk

8. A long velvet one. On a day when everyone else looks summery

9. Flapping on the clothesline. Inside out. Slashed lining. On purpose?

10. Last time I wore this… oh

11. An old friend. I am most myself in it. Even more so than if naked. Cannot imagine life without

12. The witch in a fairy tale. Maybe she is secretly the heroine

13. Hides the dirt. There’s a lot… I never wash it… If skirts could talk


Today’s GloPoWriMo prompt was  to write a poem that looks at the same thing from various points of view. The most famous poem of this type is probably Wallace Stevens’ “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird”. Mine is a slightly tongue-in-cheek take on Stevens’ far more sophisticated poem!  Aaaannd we’re back to the goth theme 🙂


  1. I’m the black velvet skirt on a hot summer day person 🙂

    Also, that photo. Literally everything about that photo. It’s beautiful and creates such a different context for the poem than a different picture might have.

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