Photo: http://cdn.history.com/sites/2/2015/06/hith-bloodletting-E.jpeg


bled my rage into a bowl

then held it in my hands

to throw against a wall?

what good is all

this blood in boil

I don’t understand


I’m off prompt today. Had a bad day. Rage is possibly my most difficult emotion to deal with. How do you? As a woman (and probably as a man, but I can’t speak to that), we live in the world of outrage. But what about just plain old-fashioned rage… if anger is an energy, how do you harness it without causing pain and destruction? Is something always burnt in that fire? Is it worth it? Is it inescapable?  I don’t understand. 


  1. I doubt I’ll ever come to terms with anger. In some ways, it’s such a forbidden emotion – we are so rarely taught to deal with it. Great piece on a topic that deserves to be broached more often in a way that doesn’t simply spew violence.

  2. As someone who has a barbed tongue, quick-boil blood, and just plain loves a nice round of melancholia, my problem with the “negative” emotions is that they rarely achieve what I’d like them to do and usually come, as someone else mention, an extra helping of guilt.

    I think anger can be a positive force if it’s channeled into protests or action – I bet the suffragettes were plenty angry – or on a personal level, recognised and used as the starting point for a discussion regarding the source of the anger. The emotion itself, the way it comes unbidden, I could probably do without.

    I’ve been thinking about this A LOT lately, for various reasons, great topic.

    1. The comments on here and when I put it on FB asking people – what do you “do” with rage? have been massively helpful in fact. Made me realise that the Anger is an Energy thing that can lift you, event just a bit, and propel you into action in not to be discounted. So perhaps it doesn’t always have to be destructive and negative…

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