Xennial warrior princess


the way we circled them


empowered women of the 90s

not spice girls, not riot grrls, just us

yet to realise our mistakes

our eyes

greedy for a piece

our price


were they ever afraid

did they even notice?


our prey

as we slipped through the net

of history

fishnet-clad wrists

slicing away

traces kicked over

bottles smashed

tracing an ankh – life!

into teenage behinds

in black

we didn’t know to be afraid

relieved or excited

only much later

thought of the danger

nothing bad happened

we got away




Apparently we’re called Xennials now – us people born between 1977 and 1983. Seems to fit with the generation who would have watched a certain TV show about a feisty fighting princess …  Another friend called us the ‘last tactile generation’ – I kinda liked that.  


    1. Oh no i didn’t watch it! Xennials is terrible, really. But i did always think we were inbetweenies… destined for mediocrity?! Eep. Had too much fun in the 90s. Now late(ish) bloomers… perhaps, i hope… Haha

  1. Good write Claire. Interesting reflections that I (from a previous generation altogether) don’t get to see in an accessible form so very much. I enjoyed this read.

      1. Worthwhile Claire. Mostly the communication about what it is to be part of the generation is poor, or lost, or tied up in genre or such.

        I prefer the kind of presentation that you pursued in this piece.

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